Author:Jessamy Kelly

 RAFT is a research network that aims to support and explore the changing identity of creative practices within our practices.

Chaired by Professor Sarah Kettley and supported by vice chair Dr Jessamy Kelly, the network brings together researchers in digital technologies and traditional ways of making, exploring how designers and makers can use technologies to develop new thinking and practice.
Lisa Naas & Dave Faleris / Eleni-ira Panourgia & Pablo Jimenez Moreno / Mike Anusas & Simon Ray / Jessamy Kelly & Diego Zamora / Collette Paterson & Dr Bai Ziqian / Daniela Lara Espinoza / Patricia WuWu / Sarah Kettley / Beverley Hood / Keeryong Choi / Geoffrey Mann / Jennifer Gray / Katharina Vones / Bettina Nissen / Kira Phoenix K’inan / Magdalena Cattan / Roxana Karam